October 2015 Fashion & Beauty Favorites

IMG_0314IMG_0297Hey Guys!

Today’s post is dedicated to my top favorite Beauty and Fashion items I absolutely fell in love with in the month of October.  Ill be doing a monthly review on my favorite items that I think you need to try! Let me know your feed back and how you like this idea! Also, be sure to comment below your favorites because I would love to try them out too and let you know how I liked them! All of my items will be linked in m y original Youtube video. Be sure to Subscribe!  PS when you watch my video be sure to bring your best dance moves… there may or may not be a dance party!!! Love you guys!!


0 thoughts on “October 2015 Fashion & Beauty Favorites

    1. haha thanks Denise so sweet! I really love doing makeup, that is why I started the youtube channel so I could share my tips! xo

    1. i know right!?! I feel like when I was a kid it felt like 6 years in between christmas’s now I blink and its the holiday season again LOL

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