Black body suit

IMG_6245IMG_6282H45A0338IMG_6268Body suit, love this one too|| Pants, also a fav|| Heels, Love these||


Hope all is going well! The sugar high from Halloween has definitely dropped and I am now back to normal, if I ever was normal…. LOL  I have had such bad luck with my computer lately! It just froze up and had a black screen for the longest time.  I let it sit and rest in hopes of it getting back to normal but when I turned it on the other day it was still frozen! So I went to Geek squad at Best Buy to see if they could fix it.  With a name like that I figure they ought to be able to fix anything, right?  WRONG! I dont mean to bring negativity to my blog but I couldnt believe how unhelpful they were. They looked at my computer very maybe 5 seconds and told me they didnt know what was wrong and would have to run a series of tests which would cost me my first born child! It was so expensive… so I left and I went to venture out and see what I could do to fix it.  I went to the company Red Rock IT and they literally fixed it within 2 seconds and didnt charge me! I couldnt believe it!!! So needless to say I am boycotting Geek squad and Best Buy.

Anyways, that was the shenanigans I dealt with this last week haha if you follow me on SNAPCHAT: Jenessasheffiel than you heard all bout it! I love snapchat because it feels like I have my own reality TV show haha and it is fun to give my followers behind the scenes action on projects and photoshoots I am apart of.  If you have snapchat leave your username below Id love to follow you along as well!

Now onto the outfit.  I am loving bodysuits lately!! They are so slimming and elegant.  This floral one is mesh so I needed something to go under it.  When I put a black shirt underneath you could not really see the detail of flowers in my pictures.  So for the pictures I put a nude cami underneath.  From here on out I will keep a solid black one underneath though, I feel like the black looks better.  I just wanted you guys to be able to see the detail. Anyways hope you are having a Fab Wednesday! Love you all so much and thanks for all the support!


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93 thoughts on “Black body suit

    1. right!?! nothing is more annoying than tech problems! I am so sorry to hear about your phone… TWO WEEKS???? I couldnt do it, that is terrible, I am so sorry! Thanks for your sweet compliment. Hope you have a great day and good luck with your phone!

  1. Wow, the computer fixed for free and so fast! You should definitely avoid the other ones! I love bodysuits, they are so beautiful and yours is like that, beautiful and elegant! You look lovely and I liked the whole outfit! Beautiful color as well! Hope you have a very nice day!

    1. I know right!?! I was shocked at how quickly they fixed it! I love bodysuits too, they are so slimming! Thank you for the sweet compliments! I hope you have a great day too! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. I cannot believe how many people are telling me their bad experiences with Geek Squad, you would think with a name like that, that they would know what they are doing! haha I think I will take your approach next time, a new computer isnt a bad idea LOL Thank you for your sweet compliments. Have a fab day! xo

    1. Thanks babe!! I know I was so torn because I didnt want the nude cami to look tacky but I thought the lace detail was important. I am glad you like! LOVES!

    1. thank you! I am so glad to hear that! I dont like when you can tell when I am wearing an undershirt, sometimes I think it can be tacky and I was afraid it would look that way in the photos. But I’m glad you like it! xo

    1. thanks so much Danielle, I am too. Tech problems can be so stressful! AWW so sweet thank you! I agree I think the black cami looks best!

    1. so sweet! Thanks babe I love it too, I had the hardest time finding a shirt I liked go with these pants. When I saw the body suit I knew it would be perfect!

    1. thanks Kathy, that is my favorite too! Yes of course, I love finding places where people are so willing to help. It makes me want to spread the word about their business! thanks for stopping by hon! xo

  2. Sorry to hear about your troubles at Geek Squad. That sounds awful what they tried to pull.
    Anyhow, love your body suit and the floral details. Looks fierce on you!

    xo, jackie

    1. thank you love!! it really is a pain, nothing bugs me more than tech problems LOL awww thanks babe! you’re so sweet!

  3. Good for you that you left and took your computer else wear and that’s awesome that you didn’t have to pay a dime! I’ve had so many bad experience with Best Buy, too. I don’t think they give their employees the proper training because I had issues with my camera and no one at all could help me; it was definitely frustrating!

    Anyway, I love your outfit, the body suit is so chic and could easily be dressed up or down and I love the way you styled it here, great look, girlie!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!



    1. I totally agree with you I dont think they have proper training either! I love small name business, they are so eager to help! I am sorry you had bad luck with them too. Now I am for sure not going back LOL Thanks for the compliments girlie! I really love this bodysuit too!

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