Leather pants and white trench vests



IMG_7271Vest || Leather Leggings || Blouse || Booties ||Sunnies ||Lipstick || Eye-shadow Pallet ||

I LOVE this outfit so much, is that vain of me? LOL Seriously though all black and then a sassy trench YUM! I love a pretty BA look with a feminine flair and I feel like this outfit totally presents that!  So I recently started accessorizing my phone case it is SO fun! I found this new app where you can totally customize your case. You can use the graphics they provide or upload your own photo! I made three! is that excessive!?! LOL The company is called CaseAPP and they are giving my followers 20% off so use promo code: JENESSA20 at check out! Hope you enjoy!


0 thoughts on “Leather pants and white trench vests

    1. Thank you Kathy! I am sucker for all things white! That is why I become the most rebellious after labor day LOL I always want to wear white

  1. Interesting app and a discount is always cool! It’s not vain of you, it’s nice when we feel good with a certain outfit! I liked it too and think you look amazing! leather pants are really great and the nice long vest is a perfect complement to them!

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