Boho floral dress


As you guys know I am on a floral kick right now.  I am loving this dress I wore it as a swimsuit cover up when we went out for a day exploring at the lake. Jordan and I have had the adventure bug lately and it has been such a breath of fresh air, no pun intended LOL we both have such demanding careers that when we can escape to the wilderness it is an absolute dream! If you follow me on Instagram  Then you may have seen our adventures to Kanarra Creek Falls over the weekend.  It is SO beautiful if you are ever in Utah passing through St. George make sure to take the time to check out this hike.  It says it is a tough hike but it really is not, kids were doing it.  The reason they say it is extreme is because you climb up a water fall on a ladder.  It is so fun you have to try it out! While we were down there we went to the Touachan and saw Sister act.  What an amazing experience. Seeing a show in an outdoor venue under the stars was amazing.

Have any of you been to these places or know of any places we need to visit next? Love you all, tell me about your weekend!


0 thoughts on “Boho floral dress

  1. I love that dress! The colours looks so rich and the pattern is so nice. Your pictures look beautiful by the way! The water looks so nice coming through the woods in the background. Does your husband take pictures of you or do you have a photographer you usually use? I’m always curious about how fashion bloggers take such flawless pictures all the time lol I’m only assuming most aren’t married to professional photographers! Anyways, lovely post!! 🙂

    Carly xo

    1. Thank you love!! I loved this location as well! haha no my husband does not take my photos, I wish it worked out that way. That would make my job WAY easier! I use photographers! thanks for stopping by xo!

    1. oh I am so happy to hear that, seriously Vanessa it is AMAZING! there is something new around every bend I loved it!

    1. Thank you Kate I did to! I couldnt bring myself to leave! I have gone back to visit with my hubs! it is such a beautiful place, perfect for picnics!

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