Grungy Glam Eye Makeup tutorial


Hey you guys!

If you have just recently started following me or dont follow me on Instagram then you may not know that I love makeup.  It is such a fun way to create. I am really passionate about being artistic I think it provides such a creative outlet.   Due to makeup requests I have had lately, I have started a Youtube channel where I could do makeup tutorials for you guys!  I hope you are just as excited about my new beauty channel as I am!  Dont worry this wont take from my fashion blog at all. Let me know your thoughts about my new channel and if you have any requests please dont hesitate to ask.  I love creating for you guys and with Halloween coming up I thought it would be fun if I could help give you some makeup inspiration for your costumes!

Below is my grungy glam smokey eye tutorial I hope you enjoy please let me know if you have any questions or any construction criticism on how I can improve.  I am here doing this for you guys, so feel free to give me suggestions so I can tailor my projects to  your needs.

I love you guys so much thank you for all the support, I truly love doing this for you guys and feel so grateful that I have the opportunity to do it!  Dont forget to subscribe! 


Below are all the products used to achieve this look! Specialty products and promo codes on products can be viewed on the actual youtube video under “show more”

0 thoughts on “Grungy Glam Eye Makeup tutorial

    1. Hey girl!! I think every one is capable of doing a look like this, where I may not be able to help you achieve that look, due to the fact that my eye shape is different. I looked up a tutorial similar to this with a girl with great credentials she is awesome and has the same eye shape as you! Hope this wasnt to bold of me I just wanted to give you the opportunity to achieve the look as well! LOVES!

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