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I am loving this Fall weather lately, these boho dresses make for the perfect transition.  The colors and length give off that Fall wardrobe vibe.  So it doesnt look like you are wearing a Summer dress in mid September yet they are so light and airy that it feels like it! I dont know about you guys but the weather is pretty bipolar here in Utah during Fall.  For the first couple months you need the heater on in the morning but by lunch you cant wait to turn on the AC haha so long dresses that give off a breeze are perfect for me!

As you guys are well aware I love changing my hair up, from platinum to black to this Fall inspired balayage hair.  There is only one person I trust completely with my hair…. and that is Devery Irving!  Meet her below! 


I am such a control freak, that I use to bleach and dye my hair all on my own because every time I sat in at a salon I was super anxious because I always left the salon upset with how my hair turned out. It seemed I was the only one who could make my hair do what I wanted.  I had heard great things about Devery so I thought I would take a gamble and pay her visit.  I was very impressed with the first time we met.  She is so passionate about what she does and that really comes through with how knowledgeable she is about hair, color, treatments, styles, tones, hair tendencies, etc.  She sat me down and sat with me and went over what I wanted, she wasnt just standing behind me nodding her head she sat down with me and looked me in the eyes and really took in what I was saying then explained every little detail that she was going to do and what I should expect during the process.

This was huge for me because not only did she confirm that she knew exactly what I wanted by giving me those few moments of eye contact and restating what I wanted (I am big on eye contact weird I know LOL) but she gave me a detailed layout of what she was going to do so I knew how things played out. I instantly became confident in her and was no longer anxious and could enjoy the experience.  Lets face it we go to a salon to be pampered and how in the world are we suppose to feel pampered when we are uncomfortable.  I am probably being dramatic but when it comes to beauty I like total control so to find someone who I can trust with my hair is HUGE!

Some of my favorite things that Devery does is she is super personable, not only at the appointment but before.  You can text her pictures of styles you want and she will let ideas marinate in her mind and come up with a game plan and really prepare so when you arrive for your appointment she has scheduled you enough time to focus completely on you and your needs.

She also gives the most AMAZING HEAD MASSAGES seriously I contemplate setting up appointments just so she can wash and massage my head/hair! Did I mention she gets me donuts!?! Yeah has your stylist ever done that??? LOL!  Lastly, she can teach you how to style/manipulate your hair to do what ever you want it to do.  She is seriously sent from the heavens.11809657_1061308120570749_1889636366_n(1)

If you are in Utah you need to contact her you can reach her by phone or text (801) 739-1181

or at her salon Salon O (801) 746- 1010

You can read about her HERE and follow her on Instagram HERE 

I feel like I should say Amen after bearing my testimony about Devery LOL I hope you guys check her out. Below are some products she has introduced to me that have changed my hair game!


0 thoughts on “Devery Irving Salon O Salt Lake City

  1. This dress is so fantastic. I just love it with that belt. I have contemplated buying a belt like the one you have on but was unsure if I would use it. I might need to get one now. Also love that you found a stylist that you love. That is always a great thing. I agree about the head massages. Sometimes I just want to make an appointment just for that alone. You look gorgeous!


    1. Thank you Kathy! I have always been a belt person, the bigger the better. They add so much to a simple outfit and bring a great outfit to a whole other level! I know right!?! head massages are amazing!!!! Thanks for stopping by love!

  2. Jness, you look beyond gorgeous! Seriously, you should consider modeling! I love the dress and the addition of the waist belt, such a perfect transitional look!

    The weather has been pretty bipolar here in New York, too! Today is supposed to reach 80! I mean, ‘common, it’s the second day of fall for crying out loud! I’m so eager to wear my chunky knits and boots, lol!

    Anyway, I hope you’re having an amazing day beauty and your hair looks fantastic!



    1. oh my you are the sweetest!!!! Thank you for your kind compliments! I hear ya girl the weather needs to decide weather it is going to be hot or cold LOL LOVES!

  3. I wish I lived nearby so she can do my hair! These photos are stunning. Love that dress and how your hair came out. I’ve wanted to change up my hair for a while, but am a bit nervous about adding color since I’ve never done anything like that before. I’ve read about bayalage and would like to try it. I’m going to take your pics to a stylist as inspiration shots. Devery really did a beautiful job!

    1. Oh my gosh Vanessa you have to do it!!! This hair color will look amazing with your skin complexion and eyes!!! I hope you do it, changing your hair up is so fun! I am excited for you, I hope to see pics of it!!! xo

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