Wedding Dress by Natalie Wynn

DSC_6146DSC_6077DSC_6067DSC_6040DSC_6058DSC_6034DSC_5983DSC_5897DSC_5950DSC_5877DSC_5791DSC_57858P5C5947_18P5C5939-2_18P5C5920_18P5C5904_2_1_18P5C5885-2_18P5C5735-2_18P5C57028P5C5717_1DSC_6011Wedding Dress: Natalie Wynn || Photography: LCPhotography ||

It’s my wedding day!! JK I have been married almost three years now LOL I had the opportunity to model one of Natalie Wynn’s designs. Isn’t this dress gorgeous!?! Such a strong elegant dress, it is so beautiful and classy I felt so beautiful in the dress, and it is such a flattering fit! The photography was done by the best, two best friends started Lc Photography. They are so cute and fun to work with! We took these photos up Big Cottonwood Canyon at Silver Lake.  If you are a local and looking to take photos for any occasion, this is the place to be.  It is so gorgeous, and did I mention there were 3 freaking moose there!! HAHA it was crazy I wanted so badly to touch one! It is funny because I was trying to talk Jordan into being in the photos with me but he just was not feeling it that day but earlier that day we went hiking and he was saying how he has never seen a moose and really wants to! LOL talk about ironic that I end up seeing one the very next hour haha I called him and teased him that he should have come with me and then all of his wildest dreams could have come true LOL  You can definitely tell I was just hiking before these photos because I got sun burnt! I have the worst tan lines LOL I didnt want to cover them up with makeup and get it allover the white dress sooooo if you look closely you can see it! LOL

So this dress is from Natalie’s upcoming 2016 collection and will be in the Utah Fashion Week Fall Gala with a few more dresses from her collection in the special preview show. So you lucky ducks got a little sneak peek! Seriously, I love Natalie’s designs she has such a wide variety of pieces that can be worn by everyone. From daily skirts, to gowns, to bridal dresses she does it all and is so talented! So definitely hit her up if you want something in your wardrobe that nobody else has  Also, if you are in Salt Lake City be sure to join us at the Black Tie Event on October 17th for the Gala I mentioned above! SO SAVE THE DATE, click here for details. I hope to see you there, if you come, please find me and say hello! I would love to meet some of you!  Below are the products I used to achieve this makeup look. 


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