White Lace Dress

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How do you guys feel about the whole don’t wear white after Labor day?  I find it extremely hard, considering it is my favorite color! So I am one of those people who definitely wear white all year long LOL Is anyone else with me!?! I cant believe it is already time for people to be back in college again! I just sent my little sister off to college it is her first year and I cannot even believe she is old enough to be there.  When I was there I felt so old but then I look at her and I am like no wait you are just a baby how will you survive?? LOL I wanted to create her a little care package to take care of those beauty needs.  I of course added in the Schick disposable razors I mentioned in my last post.  Because those seriously saved my life, they made shaving easy and painless again so I share those with everyone!!! I love the Mens extreme 3 so I sent her down there with those… so I know she will be in good hands and feeling very confident. Any of you sending anyone off to college for the first time?


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0 thoughts on “White Lace Dress

  1. It’s such a day, I am sure, sending the little sister to college… I would be proud and also a bit sad to be apart 😦 But it will be good for her, of course! I loved the jewelry and the beautiful white dress! I wanted to wear white tomorrow, but I will wait a bit, I think 🙂 I loved the booties too! You look fabulous!

  2. Wow.. I absolutely LOVE this dress on you. Absolutely stunning and the booties definitely give an effortlessly casual vibe. And I happen to think that the “no white after labor day” rule should step aside. White is a beautiful year-round color!

    Eunice | penny for her thoughts

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