Rad Swim Suit


Swimsuit || Lipstick || Blush || Eyeshadow || Foundation || Contour pallet ||

I cant believe Summer is coming to an end!!

It feels like life has just been flying by lately! The only time I went to the pool this Summer was for photo shoots haha I never even soaked up some “real” rays.  The only rays I got this Summer were from the flash on the camera LOL Life has been busy, which I love but I need to work on enjoying the moment more, instead of always trying to plan for the next great thing!  Jumping to a different topic, I have this love hate relationship with eyelash extensions because the last time I got them they totally ruined my eyelashes. I decided to try them again because I have heard nothing but good things about Sarah Burton’s work.  She is super professional and my eyelashes look so natural and full.  She made me addicted to eyelash extensions LOL If you are in Utah you should check her out!! Eyelash extensions make life so much more easy!! I have had a lot of comments on my make up so I thought I would make a video of my beauty favorites, check out the video below! If there is anything else you would like me to address on youtube let me know I would be happy to make a video! P.S. meet my cute friend Mallory!


Photos: LC Photography


0 thoughts on “Rad Swim Suit

    1. I know me too! I feel so naked in other swimsuits LOL so I am glad that they are making one piece swimsuits such a fashion statement these days!! and yes i totally agree. going to somebody who know what they are doing can make eyelash extensions very addicting! xo

  1. The bathing suit is super beautiful and looks amazing on you. And yes, living the moment is the only way we can truly enjoy life and see miracles. I am constantly working on it:-) Never had eyelashes extensions. Would love to try them but I am a little concerned about damaging my own. I guess the key is to find a good person, Have an amazing weekend! XOXO, Jeannette


    1. I know, that is something I always need to work on!! I would definitely recommend them, they make getting ready so much easier!! Thanks for stopping by! xo

  2. I really loved your swimsuit, it takes us to eras where all was so feminine and gorgeous! I really loved the color and fabric, very cool! You look really stunning! I heard lots about lash extensions, but as I use eye drops very often, I never had it! But I think they look nice!

    1. I know i love high neck swimsuits! I hate feeling like I am falling out when I am be active! How am I suppose to spike the volley ball when I am worried about my swim suit falling down!?! LOL xo

  3. Love that swimsuit – I adore one pieces, and the shimmeryness is very mermaid-chic 😉 I think I’d seek it out in an aqua/turquoise to really rock the Ariel look!

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