Shirt || Shorts, pants cut into shorts || Flannel || Purse, also love || Rings || Bracelets || Lipstick || Necklace || Shoes ||

I love dressing up but sometimes I feel so chill that I cant bring myself to dress to the nines, ya know? It just wouldnt go well with my character that day. Do you guys ever have that feeling?  Something I do to make sure my chill day outfits still look chic are to over accessorize with minimal looking jewelry, keeping it simple yet over stacked.  I pair the look with a super fancy purse and some very girly flats. However, there are those times where I just straight up go out in yoga pants/sweatpants.  My guilty pleasure is probably going to the movie theater with a huge tub of popcorn, extra butter… obviously! and watch the movie all snuggled up in sweatpants, I am that annoying person that puts their feet on the chair in front of me or lay all over the person I go to the movie with LOL I cant help it I’m  a snuggler! Luckily Jord doesnt mind if I lay all over him, at least that is what he says… sweet guy! That is what we did over the weekend, date night in our sweat pants, I make him wear sweat pants too so we can look ridiculous together! haha


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