Back to school outfit ideas

IMG_5037IMG_4976IMG_4995IMG_4966IMG_5035IMG_5025IMG_4990IMG_4973Skirt|| Blouse|| Booties (love)|| Bracelets|| Lipstick||

I cant believe it is already back to school time! This Summer has flown by! Although I am not headed back to school I was still sure to do my “back to school clothes shopping” LOL I was totally the girl that had all my outfits planned out for the week, all lined up perfectly on the floor.  Thinking I would just look bomb all school year long but then week two came around and it was all work out clothes, Nikes, and top knots LOL Who is with me!?! Fab to drab real quick! haha I have learned that if I don’t pick out my outfit the night before, I scurry around in the morning just throwing on the clothes I have on my floor, which always tend to be Jordan’s clothes.  So if I don’t pre-pick out my outfit I look pretty homeless.  Some of my favorite, easy to wear clothes to throw on for those early morning work/school days are casual skirts and dresses.  Two reasons, 1. you don’t have to add a lot to them, they are already so put together. 2. I find jeans extremely confining and uncomfortable in the mornings, if it doesn’t feel like sweat pants I want nothing to do with it that early in the Morning. The look above is one that can be easily worn to school without looking like you are trying too hard, you could even dress it down a bit by adding a plan tee and sandals to the look! Do you guys have any go to school looks?


Photos: Roxana photography 

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0 thoughts on “Back to school outfit ideas

  1. I loved the skirt and the booties, I think this is a great outfit for school! You were very organized, thinking of the outfits beforehand, wow! At school I was mmm… sometimes a tomboy, sometimes very practical… I liked accessories, and surf wear sometimes 🙂 My style always changed and changes 🙂 You look really stunning!

  2. Love this look, Jness! You look absolutely stunning and the shade of green on your skirt and makeup really bring out your gorgeous eyes!

    I totally agree with you, when I was waking up early, I had no desire of attempting to put together a look; way too much concentration needed. I would try my best to plan my outfits the night before and hung them separately in my closet, which really did help.

    Such a great and helpful post! I hope you’re having an awesome day:)



    1. Thank you jalisa! I know such a simple step can make a huge difference in being organized the next day!! Loves!!

  3. I totally get the downhill slide, from aspirations of hair, makeup, and perfect outfits daily to…maybe once or twice a week, haha.

    Love the booties. Head to toe, this whole outfit is killer. And I am all about skirts. They are perfect for when you want to dress up a little but it’s too hot to be decked out in long pants or more formal attire.

    Samantha |

    1. haha right!?! I go down hill real fast!! Yess I totally agree skirts and dresses are my go to for hot seasons!! xo

  4. Love this outfit! It’s so cute yet stylish at the same time. I was at my local mall today and was so envious of all the back to school shoppers haha I kept thinking I’m sure I look young enough that if I didn’t have my son with me I could get away with some back to school shopping. Ha! If only… xo Carly

  5. You are such a beauty! I totally do the same thing and buy “school” clothes and I don’t even go to school! I love this skirt and your booties! Love your blog!

  6. Love this outfit! Very cute and casual– perfect for fall. And I agree; picking your clothes the night before results in a cuter outfit and saves so much stress! 🙂

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