Casual black skinny jeans



Shirt|| Pants (added holes)|| Hat|| Shoes (similar)|| Necklace|| Rings|| Bracelets||

One of my favorite past times is just roaming the streets of SLC with no destination in mind.  I like to take the time to appreciate all the delicate buildings that have seemed to be standing long, long before I was ever born. The character brought to these antique buildings by the business owners really just does it for me. I could admire old shops for days, especially antique shops and old book stores.  The book store above me is one of my favorite shops I often visit and sit in here for hours at a time flipping through old historical books.  Another guilty pleasure of mine is going to antique shops to get inspiration from all the old unusual furniture and jewelry.  There is something so priceless to me about finding a little treasure that once belonged to somebody else, somebody who use to cherish it as much as I do today.  Can any of you relate? What are some of your guilty pleasures?


0 thoughts on “Casual black skinny jeans

  1. I love those bracelets! So pretty! You look great and I love those jeans as well!! I can relate. I always want to know the story of who had the item before and how it ended up here for someone else. Hope you had a great vacation!

    1. Thank you!! I am so obsessed with boho bracelets they just add a little bit more than your usual bracelet! I am so glad you appreciate little historical treasures too! LOL Thanks for your sweet comments! xo

  2. I also love book shops and historical books! The place looks great, very nice pictures! I loved your hat and top, and you look so cool – from the pages of an editorial to Elle magazine!

    1. haha oh denise you always make me feel so good about myself! Thanks for reading and leaving such sweet comments! Loves!! xo

  3. Jenessa, I love this look, especially that hat! I agree with you. I love doing the same, walking around NYC and stopping in vintage shops and gather some inspiration with the prints, patterns, and pieces that are just so funky and simply inspirational, so I can definitely relate to how you feel 🙂

    Have an awesome start to your week, beautiful lady!


    1. Thank you Jalisa! I am so happy to hear that, I bet NYC has loads of character! Thanks for stopping by doll! xo

    1. Thank you love, when I first pulled it together it was all by accident LOL but I loved the look so much I had to put it on the blog! Thanks for stopping by Rach! xo

    1. Thank you love! Hats have definitely become my new favorite accessory. I use to feel like I couldnt wear hats because I have such a small head LOL

    1. Thank you Sheree! hahaha for real though I almost died! I loved the detail of the window and told my photographer I need photos in it so he helped me scale the wall LOL it was pretty easy getting up, it was the getting down that was a little scary!

    1. Thank you pretty lady! haha seriously it really was so high I didnt think I was going to make it out of this shoot alive!! LOL the getting up was pretty easy the getting down was HORRIBLE haha

    1. Hahaha seriously though!!! I honestly just spider man’d that junk LOL I nearly died coming down, it was a mess but so worth it for the shot! xo

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