Pleated blush maxi skirt



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Hey you guys!!

If you follow along with me on Instagram then you know I am writing this from JAPAN! How crazy is that!?! I love this country it is amazing, I will be gone for two weeks so posts will be a little slow, please forgive me. However, I will be posting diligently on my Instagram so you can follow along there! I will do a recap of my trip at the end of it, till then I have some outfit posts I have prepared before my departure to Asia, so I will get those up in between then.  Also, I had the opportunity to be on GOOD THINGS UTAH before I left. It was such an amazing experience full of a very fun cast. If you are a Michelle Money fan you will want to check the show out she is one of the hosts.  She is super sweet! Below is a link to my segment hope you enjoy!   JA-NE!!!  (goodbye in Japanese) 


Photos: Zach French Photography


0 thoughts on “Pleated blush maxi skirt

    1. Thanks Danielle! It is one of my favorites!! so light weight and perfect for Summer! It really is beautiful here, the food is beyond amazing and the people are so so sooo kind here I love it! xo

    1. haha not cheesy at all!!! I am super flattered!!! you are beyond sweet!!! Thanks for stopping by gorgeous! xo

  1. Oh, amazing, Japan is a country I always wanted to visit, so nice that you are there! Enjoy it a lot! I loved your skirt, maxi blush skirt, so beautiful, you look great! I love maxi skirts!

    1. You really need to go! I love this country, the people are so kind and the food is amazing!!! thank you for your kind comments denise! loves!

    1. I know I am so excited to be here, ill be sure to do a post on the vacation. In the mean time you can follow along on Instagram and snapchat! xo

  2. Hope you’re having lots of fun in Japan. I love the outfit it looks very light and airy, it fits you beautifully however I’m not really fan of the belt it looks a bit heavy for this outfit, but you look great. Kisses.

    1. thank you deborah!! i agree with you, very romantic! Japan is amazing, cant wait to share more about it! xo

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