Picnics and striped dresses

DSC_8394DSC_8408DSC_8389DSC_8429DSC_8415DSC_8419DSC_8397DSC_8418DSC_8372DSC_8393DSC_8416DSC_8395DSC_8356Dress: H&M|| Hat: H&M|| Shoes: Forever21|| Belt: H&M|| Lipstick: Wet n Wild|| Rings: Boohoo|| Bracelets: Loving||

Happy Monday! 

I love picnics! They are so much fun and so intimate, I feel like whenever I go on a picnic with my hubs we just bond on another level.  I love being outside too! I got this dress at H&M and am loving it! I love the modest length and light weight material. It is perfect for the Summer heat, so perfect that I bought it in every single color!!! Obsessive much??? goodness girl…. I couldn’t help it though, it is so hard to find modest Summer dresses so when I finally found one that I liked I was going to make sure I would a few on hand for quite some time LOL  I also have to share with you one of my favorite spa night items I have been using lately.  With all of the outdoor activities I have been doing lately I feel like my face as really taken the heat… literally, my face has been getting so much sun and I hate that. Nothing ages you more than the sun. I have been using the ITWORKS face masks and am loving them, I am all out and need to get more. They lift and firm your face and diminishes fine lines and pores, not to mention how hydrated my face feels afterwards. It is safe to say I am completely in love!  You can get yours HERE!  Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great Monday! 


Photos done by: LC Photography

0 thoughts on “Picnics and striped dresses

  1. Yay!!!!!! I am so glad you love the facial wraps! You know where to get more girlie 🙂 Anybody else too AND I have this all natural exfoliating peel I gotta get you to try next! It’s AMAZING xo

  2. I never wore Itworks, but I hear it is very good, from a friend. I love picnics as well and I loved your photos and dress! The makeup is also amazing and the hat too! I hope you enjoy a very nice week and be careful with the sun!

    1. Hi Denise! 🙂 I have extra facial wraps on me if you want to try one. I’m the one that sent them to her to try bc they are so awesome! They don’t get near the credit they deserve as the body wraps. Contact me anytime I would love to help you!

    2. Yeah it works well! thank you for your sweet compliments! happy you stopped by! have a great day love!

    3. I love them! you should def try them out! thanks for your sweet compliments, happy you stopped by!

    1. oh thank you doll! I know modest dress shopping is probably the most frustrating thing LOL so I went all out when I found one hah xo Thanks for stopping by love!

    1. thank you I love it too, and I love the price as well. it was such a great deal! Thanks for stopping by love! xo

  3. That dress is so adorable! I have a similar hat, and a dress like that one is exactly what I need to feel like I can pull it off when I’m not at the beach. Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. I love hearing things like this!! I love this look its so chic yet casual, win win! thanks for stopping by lyndsay! xo

  4. I’m loving your stripped dress and floppy hat! So perfect for a picnic in the park. Your ITWORKS face mask sounds amazing. Is this a mask you use nightly or weekly?

    xo, Jackie

    1. Thank you love! Its always a win win when I find a fashionable yet functional outfit! the mask really is amazing, I use them every other week! in the winter i will probably use them every week I tend to get dryer skin in the Winter and I love how hydrated this mask makes my face feel! Thanks for stopping by jackie! xo

    1. thanks babe! This hat is seriously my favorite, it is so simple and so inexpensive! Thanks for stopping by hon! kisses

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