Kingdom and State womens swimwear


Swimsuit: Kingdom & State, also love|| Lipstick: Mac mixed with wet n wild||

Hey yo!!!

I am loving Summer these days, it seems I have been all over doing so many things which I am totally happy about cause it is sooo fun. But its nice to just chill and relax in the comfort of your on Apartments pool. (insert sunglass emoji here LOL) I love swimsuits, I try not to get to crazy and buy a ton because for so little fabric they are quite expensive. So I try to only buy one new swimsuit every Summer. Is that nuts!?! So the lucky duck I chose this season was a the Cara Loren design from Kingdom and State. Can we just take a moment and praise this beauty… k done LOL it so cute and has a modest twist on the regular two piece which I love. Also can we just say why dont I wear bright colors like this more often? They are so pretty and I really need to get on that LOL Hope you are all enjoying your Summer as much as I am. What are some of your favorite swimmies??


Photography: LC Photography 

0 thoughts on “Kingdom and State womens swimwear

  1. I didn’t know this brand, but since now I am in love with that – the bikini is fantastic! The cut, style, color, really cool! And you look amazing – also, such a beautiful makeup! Enjoy summer very much!

  2. I love this swimsuit! You look amazing!! I hear you…..they are expensive!! When I went on my honeymoon in May I realized I didn’t have that many that I liked and bought 7. I was shocked by the price! But…..they will last if you take care of them! I think one a summer is perfect!!


    1. thank you!! I know it is crazy how much they are, yeah i usually wash mine by hand lol thanks for stopping by! xo

  3. Haha, I ask myself that question everyday; why DON’T I wear more colour? You look wonderful, Jenessa! The swimsuit has got such an interesting design and I can’t help squealing a bit at the fact that it’s high waisted, too!

    May | THE MAYDEN

    1. haha why do we do that to ourselves!! lol we need to brighten up our lives!! i know right!?! i love that they are high waisted!

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