Black & white striped dress with Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

IMG_5529IMG_5537IMG_5520IMG_5521IMG_5536IMG_5528IMG_3981Dress: Windsorstore, similar|| Flannel: Jcrew|| Shoes: Macy’s|| Watch: DKNY|| Lipstick: Wet n Wild|| Mascara: Younique||

Hey guys! 

This weekend has been a wild one! So many things went on this weekend, just to name a few.  Jordan and I had sushi making class in Holiday at Rice Basil.  It was so fun, our chef was awesome and we learned a lot of new tricks! I will post of pics of it on my Instagram This weekend Jordan’s little bro came home from Hong Kong where he was serving an LDS mission for our religion.  It was amazing to hear about all his wonderful experiences! Anyways, I have been getting a lot of compliments on my eyelashes lately.  Some of you know that I use to have eyelash extensions and those ruined my lashes to the point where they were non existent so I started using eyelash stripes which are fine but they irritate my eyes after a couple of hours of wearing them.  So I started using YOUNIQUE mascara, which I was a little skeptical about at first but it really does work and I cant go with out it. The 3D Fiber Lash Mascara gives 300% length and volume increase to natural eyelashes. I have tried everything including Mac, Sephora, etc and nothing has ever worked for my eyelashes they are so short and straight they just didn’t do anything. With 3D it looks like I’m wearing fake eyelashes and it is just amazing how great it is!! I could never go back to any other mascara!  Well, thanks for stopping by! 


0 thoughts on “Black & white striped dress with Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

  1. That’s so nice that his brother came back from Hong Kong, he must have told about great experiences! And the sushi class must have been amazing – I would have loved to have one! I heard of Younique but I never tried it It must be very good! You look lovely – I loved the striped dress and the trainers!

    1. I know it is really great having him back! Yeah if you are ever in Utah you will have to check the class out it is soo fun! I am pleasantly surprised by this makeup line for sure! Thanks for stopping by! xo

  2. omg i had eyelash extensions and HATED them too. They totally ruined my eyelashes and left me with none. I had to wear fake ones too for a while until they grew back. I’ve seen the 3d mascara a lot on Instagram and was wondering if it worked?! Your lashes look awesome so I might have to lookin into it!

    Stay Styled,

    Instagram: stay_styled

    1. I really do love it, at first, to be honest I didnt because I felt like my eyelashes got too chunky with the product. But after I used it a few times I got the hang of the product and could apply it evenly across my lashes it really benefited and added length and volume. It is such a weird product but it totally works and I love it! Kisses!

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