His and Her Fashion

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Her Look: Top: H&M|| Shorts: Forever21 (they were pants I cut into shorts)|| Booties: Cotton on, Similar|| Belt: H&M|| Bracelets: Old, also love||

His Look: Top: Nordstrom, Similar|| Pants: Levi’s|| Boots: H&M|| Pocket Rag: Wilkinson Co||

Hey guys!!

Meet the man in my life, my sweet hubs Jordan. Jordan is NOT the type to pose for these kind of photos so it was super fun and sweet that he took the time to support me with this project and just have fun with it. If you ask me, he is a natural LOL Since Father’s Day is coming up I thought it would be fun to highlight the man in my life and help you guys out with a Father’s Day gift for the man in your life.  What are some Father’s Day traditions you guys have? We have partnered up with a local company, Wilkinson CO,  here in my home town SLC to giveaway one of these Pocket Rags.  It is a fashionable and functional way to hold a wallet.  To enter the giveaway visit my INSTAGRAM account and follow Wilkinson Co on INSTAGRAM and that’s it! Thanks for following love you all and good luck!


0 thoughts on “His and Her Fashion

  1. You guys look so great together! My father’s day tradition is struggling with what to get my dad. He’s has everything and is such a simple guy; he usually asks for a pen or a notebook.

    1. AWW thanks!!PREACH girl I know the feeling, men are way harder to shop for than I ever thought! LOL Thanks for stopping by, sending my love! xo

  2. He can pose well, so nice that he agreed – I don’t have the same luck! You know when you beg “please, just one picture of us?” and it’s so difficult with the “I don’t like pictures, not photogenic” 🙂 So, congratulations, the pictures are very nice, you two look so sweet together! I loved your shirt, with the belt!

    1. Oh trust me girl I know!!! LOL I lucked out this time. I am happy he got into it and could just have fun with me! Thanks for your sweet words and for stopping by! XO

    1. hahah right???? he killed it!! He is so funny, I died of laughter during this! Thanks for the sweet comment! My eyelashes are from house of lashes in style Iconic. Thanks for stopping by! LOVES!

    1. I feel the same way!!! They are so fun, haha show him this post then maybe he will. Happy you stopped by! XO

    1. Haha thanks girl! I am so surprised he did, he supports me and all and helps with the business side of things but other then that he wants nothing to do with fashion LOL

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