Boyfriend jeans, converse and leather jacket

IMG_4596IMG_4609IMG_4604IMG_4594IMG_4608IMG_4595IMG_4598IMG_4597Leather Jacket: Nordstrom under $100|| Jeans: Forever21 (added bigger holes)|| White tee: Nordstrom|| Converse: Macy’s|| Sunnies: Gift, also love under $40|| Necklace: DIY, also love|| Lipstick: Wet n Wild||

Hey Guys!

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was pretty chill.  Jordan and I just got some take out and had a picnic at a park over looking the city.  It was fun to just lay there afterwards and watch the sunset and just talk for hours.  We use to do this all the time when we were dating so it was really fun to kick it old school this weekend and just enjoy the simple things in life and a simple conversation in this busy world that we currently live in. Lately, my style has been really laid back and pretty tomboyish, which is always the most comfortable. I have been getting a lot of comments on my makeup and how I do my eyebrows. So, below are two videos on how I dye them, shape them, and fill them in. *Video disclaimer: I was in a really weird mood and sitting in front of the camera that long made things get even weirder so excuse my embarrassing self LOL Enjoy!

Part 1
Part 2

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    1. Haha it is super easy. So kinda hard to describe over writing though, ill have to make a tutorial. But really all you do is mark the area you want the hole with a tiny dot, take them off then were that dot was you are going to cut a small, very small horizontal slit. Place a note book or cardboard or something like that in the pant leg where the hole is (this item will get scratched up really badly) Then open your scissors all the way and grab one of the blades like a knife (be careful not to cut your hand) Then where the slit is scratch the jeans back in forth in a horizontal motion, I do this going down about 2-3 inches, do this until you get the desired hole. Most important part pull and stretch the hole to loosen up the white strings then wash the jeans, putting your pants through the wash will really bring out those loose ends and give you the distressed look you desire. Hope that helps!

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