Boho Maxi Dress with Jean Jacket

IMG_4706IMG_4688IMG_4702IMG_4691IMG_4705IMG_4700IMG_4695IMG_4709IMG_4708Dress: Vintage, Similar|| Jacket:Forever21 || Lipstick: Wet n Wild|| Rings: Gorjana|| Bracelet: Gift, same|| Necklace: I made mine, Similar||

Hello, hello! 

How has the start of everyone’s week been? Are you guys watching the bacherlorette…. What are your thoughts, do you have a fav yet?  My week has been pretty slow, so far I feel I have only accomplished one thing… I got like a full body wax, literally if I were a fruit i’d be a peach because I am covered in fuzz LOL So its nice to have soft legs and a beardless face haha okay its not that bad but pretty close! So I love this dress, it has been in my family since I was probably 4 years old, it use to be my older sisters and she gave it to me.  I cannot get rid of it, it is so comfy, it is pure silk so yeah it is soft and I just love the gypsy vibe I get from it. Dresses are totally my thing this season, below are a few of my favorite picks. Hope you enjoy! 


0 thoughts on “Boho Maxi Dress with Jean Jacket

    1. I know huh!?! I am so sentimental I hope I don’t become a hoarder!!! I know last night blew me away, I’m dying to see what she says to Clint!!!! Have a great day babe, loves!

    1. I know right!?! I love how light the material is, perfect for super hot days! I love denim too! xo

  1. I watch the bachelorette but I missed this wk’s episode so I’ve been avoiding spoilers like the plague. I don’t have one favorite yet but it looks like a pretty interesting season. . .or “The MOST DRAMATIC season EVER” – as they like to say on the show a lot. hah. Love your outfit picks by the way. I actually own one of them – The Fiona from Free People in the grey/blue color.


    1. I know right i hate spoilers!!!! This season has been pretty interesting, I cant wait for you to get caught up! Oh pretty I love that dress too! xo

    1. Thanks love! I know right!?! I do not even get how that is possible, I really dont like him for her!!!

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