Denim Jacket, Denim Jeans

IMG_4486IMG_4432IMG_4453IMG_4474IMG_4437IMG_4439IMG_4455IMG_4446IMG_4524IMG_4512IMG_4461IMG_4454IMG_4477Jacket: ChicNova On sale!|| Jeans:Old, another great fit|| Shoes: Windsor, also love|| Sunnies: gift, new fav|| Necklace: Gift, also love|| Watch:  DKNY||

Heyyy Yooo! 

So this weekend I am pretty sure I gained 15 pounds LOL My husband, some friends, and myself… obvi I was there duh… Anyways, we went to Salt Lake City Taste Makers.  Which is awesome, you pay a one time fee and that gives you a pass which gives you access to a grip load of high end restraunts in the city.  So what you do is for two nights you stroll around the city and stop in at each of the restrauants and get a little sample of their best stuff.  It was so fun and such an amazing experience, and surprisingly full afterwards, the portions were super small and I was afraid I wasnt going to get full! You guys I have a problem I like get food anxiety, like if I feel like I am not going to get full I panic haha I am being a little dramatic here but the thought sometimes crosses my mind that I shouldnt have invited my friends over for dinner because I dont have enough rolls LOL Dont judge me but a girls gotta eat!  Anyways, this was my date night look, how was your guys weekend, what did you do?  Love you all! 


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