Leather Skirt



Top: Nordstrom Rack, also love|| Skirt: Nordstrom, similar|| Shoes: Windsor, similar|| Sunnies: Gift, Similar|| Lipstick: Wet n Wild||


Today I spent the day with my sister, we expolored Main Street where we snapped a few pics. Then, spent the day bonding and had lunch.  We ate at Five Guys…. umm wow if you guys have not been there you need to go. The burgers were so juicy! I am not a huge hamburger person, unless it has bacon and cheese then im all about that bass! LOL Anywho, Ive had both of these items in my closet for about a year now and I hardly ever wear them but when I do i’m like, “Jness? why the heck dont you wear these pieces more often?!!”  Do you guys ever do that? haha maybe without the talking to yourself LOL K thanks for stopping by love you all! 


0 thoughts on “Leather Skirt

    1. oh my you are too sweet! I am glad you like it! I know right!?! I am way too obsessed with them LOL

    1. Thank you Sarah! I know I love them too and the best part is they are super comfortable and not too tall but tall enough!

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