Steve Madden & boyfriend jeans

Top: BooHoo|| Jeans: Forever21 (I added bigger holes) || Jacket: Hubbies, similar|| Purse: TJ Maxx, new fav|| Beanie: Steve Madden|| Sunnies: Gift, new fav|| Lipstick: MAC Myth|| Shoes: Forever Young Shoes, Similar||

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope you are all having a lovely day.  I first feel the need to start off by sharing my gratitude for the wonderful country I live in.  I cannot even begin to express how blessed and grateful I am for all the men and women that put their life at risk for our freedom, words just aren’t enough but on here that is all I have LOL anyways I am so lucky to live where I am and I thank all those who have made it possible.  What sort of traditions do you guys have for memorial day?  I am traveling back from a wedding today so I wont be celebrating much, one thing is for sure I will be watching the bacherlorette tonight!! I know I am a girl obsessed! LOL be sure to check my INSTA TONIGHT 8 p.m. EST for a KATE SPADE GIVEAWAY. Also, in honor of memorial day Forever21 is doing a BOGO 50% 0FF sale so use promo code: BIG150OFF at check out.  My favorites below. Enjoy! 


0 thoughts on “Steve Madden & boyfriend jeans

    1. Thank you love!! I know I felt silly at first wearing them but they were so cute and there is no way I could spend a $1000 on the real deal LOL maybe later in life haha

    1. Thank you Stephanie, You are totally right, I can so see Khloe wearing something like this, I didnt even realize LOL Thats awesome I am the same, I just use the day to relax and have pray in my heart for all those that serve. Thanks for stopping by love! xo

    1. Thank you! I always feel like you can make an edgy outfit a little more girly with the right pair of shoes. xo

    1. Thank you, I definetly like a chic grunge look, I am with ya, no wardrobe is complete without them! xo

    1. Thanks Shannon! I know I am too obsessed with them but I cant help it they are soo comfy!! Thanks for stopping by girl! xo

    1. Thanks Amy! I love them too, glad you got a pair! I love them because they instantly add chic and girly to any outfit! Thanks for stopping by doll! xo

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