Blonde Vs. Brunette Tips on Making the Switch


Hey guys I have a had a lot of questions on my transition from blonde to brunette, so I thought I would give you all some tips if you too are also thinking of making the switch.  If I didn’t answer any of your questions in the video please comment below!


My go to hair products below!

0 thoughts on “Blonde Vs. Brunette Tips on Making the Switch

  1. I was very blonde for a LONG time…now I basically highlight the top & frame of my face & leave the underneath & rest alone because I want long hair & the bleach killed my hair!!! You look gorg with in either color:)!!

    1. Oh my I totally know what you mean! I have wanted long luscious locks foreverrr and it kept breaking off when I was blonde so that is why I went darker because it’s less damaging so I think when I get to my desired look I’ll start making my way back blonde. But thank you!!!! You are so sweet!!

  2. I’m considering doing the opposite (going from dark brown to blonde), but I’m a little unsure. I’ve never dyed my hair before (crazy, I know!) so I’m a little scared. I think I might try balayage though, so that it’s not such a drastic change.
    By the way, you look great with dark hair and blonde — you’re lucky!


    1. Hey Kristi! I cant believe you have virgin hair! A little part of me wants to say dont do it! LOL but it is so fun. You are wise to do a balayage and work up to being blonde, so many people make the mistake of going straight blonde and it totally frys their hair!!! so be patient if you want to be blonde and work your way there. Thanks again Kristi you are the cutest! Love ya!

    1. I know huh!? I feel like it’s better than bleach though! You’re lucky your hair grows fast! Xo

    1. Oh pretty! I’ve been blonde so long that it will always be my fav! But brunette is fun for now! Xo

    1. Thank you! Haha yeah I could imagine, I bet if you tried a light ombré it could be very pretty! Thanks for stopping by hon! Xo

  3. I look awful in blond myself, so i will always support brunettes :D, but to be honest it depends on everything, (face, hair and so on) so for everybody its different….

  4. In my opinion, you suit both blonde and brunette! You’ve kept your hair in such good and healthy condition considering the dramatic changed in colour – I’m so pleased for you 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    1. haha thanks girl! I know some looks are hard to pull off naturally, thats why I think changing your makeup is so important. Trust me with this dark hair and no make up on It does not look natural LOL

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