Thigh High Boots

Top: Style Says Shop, Similar|| Jacket: Charlotte Russe, similar, same price/brand|| Pants: Ralph Lauren|| Boots: Old, also love|| Hat: H&M, also love|| Sunnies: Gift, Similar|| Lippy: Wet n Wild Cherry Picking||

Happy Monday! 

How was everyones weekend? Any fun things for Mothers day? My sweet husband took great care of me, even though we dont have kids so technically he is still off the hook, but he did it any ways LOL We spent the weekend exploring the city we went to this awesome restaurant called Pallet Bistro. It was amazing, if you are ever in in SLC you will have to look it up. You guys I have been so puppy hungry that I tricked Jordan into going to Pets Mart just to look at the puppies.  Having a dog would just not work with our schedules right now but in the mean time I will still be making frequent stops the pet store haha dont judge.  Thanks for stopping by! 



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