White jeans with blush top



Top: old, new || Pants: Nordstrom|| Shoes: Charlotte Russe, another fav|| Sunnies: Gift, another fav|| Necklace: Forever21, another fav|| Bracelets: Bohme, another fav|| Lipstick: Wet n wild cherry picking||


It is Friday!! Yay! I love the weekend, pretty sure I say that every weekend… anyways I love this outfit because it is such an easy glam look. A simple pair of pants and blouse can easily be glammed up by accessories. I also like this look because I have had all these pieces in my wardrobe for a few years and they still have not gone out of style I think it is important to have those long lasting pieces. Check my picks to last you over the years below. Not too much has been going on in my personal life, I have been sick, so sorry this post is kind of boring LOL Don’t forget to check out the work out below!!! 


Work Out Below!


Top: Solow|| Sports Bra: Nike|| Pants: walmart, similar|| Shoes: Nike, similar||

0 thoughts on “White jeans with blush top

    1. Oh thank you that is my favorite compliment! Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great weekend as well! xo

    1. Haha right!?! Same thing happened to me when I saw them for the first time. Lol thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thank you Sophie, I know exactly what you mean. There is something about blush that is so feminine and I must have LOL

    1. I love it! It is such a classy good everyday shirt! If you dont like the one I linked another great place to look is forever21!

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