Top: American Eagle, Similar|| Shorts: Forever21 (I cut them into shorts)|| Flannel: Jcrew || Necklace: Windsor, same one|| Converse: Macy’s || Hat: Nordstrom, Nordstrom solid-black|| Lipstick: Wet n Wild Cherry picking||


This shoot was inspired by the hot summer days that are headed our way and a fan favorite Jackie Robinson. April 15th is a day in celebration of what Jackie brought to the game of baseball, on this day everybody wears his number 42 for all the baseball games that day. Which I think is pretty neat. I love sports and being active and when I can bring those two together in my fashion blog you better believe I will! I actually wore this look for the fourth of July last year, it’s a super casual fun everyday outfit that I have on repeat for those days at the park with family. I love a good casual sneaker and baseball hat that is obviously still fashionable. Thanks for stopping by!


Photos by the lovely Katie Riding


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