Mint Choco Chip



Top: On sale!|| Bottom: Forever21|| Purse: TJ Maxx, Similar style/Price|| Heels: LuLu’s || Bracelet: UnoAerre|| Earrings: Nordstrom rack, Super on sale I paid $75 they are now $12 || Lip-Liner: Boldly Bare MAC|| Lipstick: Myth MAC ||

Hello All!

I hope you are having a lovely week so far, we are half way through! I don’t know about you but it has been a long hard work for me, I cannot wait till the weekend.  But that is nothing new to me haha Today’s outfit was inspired by my weakness… mint chocolate anything! I am not a huge sweets person, I prefer carbs and grease LOL However, if it is mint I go weak at the knees and must have it. So It was only natural for me to pair this super cute mint peplum top with some sweet chocolaty pants.  Peplum is such a chic feminine look that will always be in style, it is SO flattering for the woman body I cannot get enough of them.  Do yourself a favor this season and hop on the Peplum wagon!  Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! 

P.S. Did anyone get pranked on April fools?? Tell me all about it I love April fools day! 


0 thoughts on “Mint Choco Chip

  1. What you talking about my friend {ev’n tho just met}? I wish I could pull off those pleather pants like you do. Thanks so much for your visit. ♥renae

  2. Like you said, these types of tops are flattering and this top is so super flattering on you, you look so gorgeous! Love the whole outfit too! Hope you had a great start to your week (I think the U.S. gets Easter Monday off, right? Not us here in Canada! 😦 ). XO, B.

    1. Thanks Bethany you are the cutest! Where in Canada are you from? My husband is from Lethbridge! Forgive me if I butchered the spelling lol

      1. Born in South Africa, but raised near Toronto! I think Lethbridge is quite a ways away aha! 😉 If you’re ever near Toronto let me know!

      2. Oh my gosh so crazy my husbands family is from South Africa too, crazy! Must be a thing haha

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