Shabby Chic


IMG_1828 IMG_1837









 Top: Free people (last season), this season|| Bottom: Forever 21 jeans I cut, shorts || Belt: Gift, Similar|| Boots: Steve Madden|| Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs|| Bracelet: Gift, Similar|| Lipstick: M.A.C Myth|| Lip-liner: M.A.C Boldly Bare||


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I had such a fun lazy weekend. Jordan and I just spent Saturday exploring new restaurants and chill parks.  It was so fun to just lay on the grass and chat about random silly stuff. Our weekdays are so insanely busy that our only bonding time is at night during pillow talk, which we love but quickly regret as soon as the alarm clock goes off LOL But I am so proud of my man for working SO hard he is amazing.  Sorry for the sappy love stuff. Shabby-chic is one of the most beautiful words, I could not describe my style with out.  There is something I love about putting on a gorgeous lace top and then pairing it with my trashed boots I just love the relaxed feminine vibe.  What does the word shabby-chic mean too?  Thanks for stopping by! 


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