Free Spirit










Hat: Old, Similar|| Dress: Gift, Similar|| Under shirt: Nordstrom|| Tights: Ralph Lauren|| Knee socks: Nordstrom|| Boots: Steve Madden|| Lipstick: Estee Lauder|| Nailpolish: Orly|| Necklace: Chanour | Bracelets: Flee market, Similar|| Sunglasses: Subsidy Shades||

 Hey Hey!

So Utah’s weather has been so weird we have only had one big snow storm this year which is beyond normal for Utah, I mean we are known for our snow so the fact that is is February and it is 65 degrees with no snow is a little weird.  But hey my motto is if there is sun there is a sundress! I am totally okay with sundresses plus I was able to accessorize it in a super cute way that I couldn’t get away with in the Summer.  I love when the weather causes you to get creative with your outfits.  Hope you all have the a bomb rest of the week!


0 thoughts on “Free Spirit

    1. Thanks girl, you are so sweet! Haha I’ll do my best, I feel bad for you all over there SO cold! Thx for stopping by I’ll try not to rub the warmth in your face in my next post LOL

    1. Thank you I love it so much! I have to be conscious of how many times I wear it, LOL dont want to over kill it. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thank you that is such a flattering compliment! I know I am really loving the boho vibe these days. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thank you, I love it. It is heavier then most necklaces but it is not uncomfortable. I have a hard time wearing necklaces because I don’t like stuff around my neck, weird I know, but this necklace is one that surprising does not bother me at all!

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