Braided Mohawk hair tutorial


Top: Nordstrom|| Bottoms: Asos|| Clutch: Similar|| Glasses: Ray ban|| Bracelet: Guess|| Earrings: Similar|| Lipstick: Nars|| Nail polish: Opi||


Top: Sold out, Similar|| Purse: Sold out, Similar||

Hey guys!

I had a few of you mention that you would like a tutorial on this hair style.  So here it is!  I had so much fun making this tutorial I would love to do more.  If there are any other hairstyles you would like me to do a tutorial on or any other beauty tips you guys are curious about let me know! I would love to talk beauty with you all! I love this simple hair style because it adds a nice spice to a regular pony tail. The tutorial is pretty straight forward but if you have any questions on the look please comment below I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.  You can check out the tutorial below, enjoy!



Top: Sold out, Similar|| Lipstick: Lime Crime|| Earrings: Gift, Similar|| Bracelet: Gift, Similar|| Nail Polish: Essie||

0 thoughts on “Braided Mohawk hair tutorial

  1. You did a great job with this. I so would not be able to do this, I am all thumbs. I work as a grapic designer for a publisher of magazines and books about knitting and everyone knits and they always ask “do you knit” and my response “I can’t even braid my hair” haha.

    1. Hahaha oh no that is too funny! My goal is to teach you to braid via youtube LOL Hope you have a great day!
      XO JNESS

    1. Oh thank you, sad you cant see it though 😦 Good luck with your computer troubles and hope you have a great day!
      XO JNESS

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