That City Life















Top: On Sale || Overalls: Nordstrom , Save || Shoes: Nordstrom, black, Snake skin|| Clutch: on sale || Nail Polish: Orly || Lipstick: YSL || Earrings: Steve Madden||


Hope you all had a lovely long Valentine’s weekend! I would love to hear what you guys did to celebrate! Perhaps I can get some ideas to surprise the hubs with next year.  He always plans everything… not just holidays but everything! He is so thoughtful and sometimes I feel bad cause I just benefit, so that is what I am working on this year… being a step ahead of the man so I can surprise him every once in a while haha  For V-day Jman surprised me by taking me to the Aquarium… I was a little confused at first… but you guys it was amazing they had a romantic private room where the shark tank was and that is where we had dinner! It was awesome I will have to post some pics. Anyways, as I am sure you all know by now Jordan and I recently moved to the city and I am in love! It is so fun to be in a lively area where there are so many great places to eat and activities to attend.  If guys know of any cool places to eat or things to do in SLC holla at your girl!


Photos: Katie Riding

0 thoughts on “That City Life

    1. Thanks Vanessa that means so much!
      If you would ever like to team up and do a style collaboration together let me know they are really fun!
      Have a good day!

      XO, JNESS

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