Happy Valentines Day









I did have a whole bunch of balloons but I lost all of them but one haha typical Jenessa !


Dress: Asos on sale! $18 || Shoes: BCBG, similar, (under $100)|| Necklace: Nordstrom|| Bracelet: On sale! || Hair piece: Old from my wedding, wanting || Lipstick: Estee Lauder|| Nail Polish: Essie ||

Hello Lovelies!

You guys I just love Valentines Day! The idea of love and dressing romantic gets me SO excited! Even during my single days I got super dressed up and took myself out on a shopping spree, then picked up some delicious dinner and TWO pieces of cheese cake because… well… I am worth it haha And so are you! If you don’t happen to have a date this year who cares spoil yourself take yourself out on the town I am sure you will have a blast with yourself!  I am glad I have a sweet hubby to celebrate with every single year, he is amazing! This year for gifts we are dedicating our time to one another.  No work for Jman and no blogging for me.  We are just going to spend the day together with no crazy schedules just a simple day for two people in love.  I seriously am so excited for this! Due to Jordan’s crazy busy work schedule we don’t get as much down time together so I am stoked for just some quality time together. Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


Beautiful Photos done by the lovely Katie Riding



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