My Style Represents…

Hello all,


I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with a truly inspiring woman. McKenna, started a blog on Utah’s style trends, due to the judgment and stereotype that Utahan’s do not have their own style and we all are cut from the same fabric, she wanted to add voice to those that have their own style and emphasis the beauty that comes from being yourself and expressing your character.  I value this project and am excited to be apart of such a positive movement. It has been so fun getting to know McKenna and her creativity. (for her art click here)

For me I think appearance is an important part of who we are, on that same note with all things it is only good if it is balanced, my desire is to look nice but not to distract from who I am on the inside.  It is more important for me that people leave my presence feeling inspired to be a kinder more loving person as opposed to walking away from me knowing how I got my hair to look just so.  Beauty/fashion tips are not a bad thing I enjoy beauty talk like no one you have ever met but like stated above my hopes is that people see the importance of kindness as well.

My wardrobe is hard to put a label on, my outfits come from inspiration all over the world, and when I say world I mean Pinterest, same thing right? My outfits definitely reflect my mood and how I am feeling.  I am drawn to basics with a quirky flare here and there.  Although, my day to day wardrobe is very unpredictable, one thing I am conscious of keeping consistent within my appearance is modesty and virtue. I believe that women are beautiful, strong, precious leaders, what we have to add to our societies is important and interesting. I am no feminist I just think it is important that women know that they are more than appearance.  I like to dress in a way that does not come across as “hoochie” or calling attention to my body, because I am better than that all women are.  What we have to say and what we bring to the table is more important then looking “desirable”.  Don’t mean to preach I am just very passionate about this topic 🙂

If I were to describe my style in one word it would be CLEAN (minus my hair haha)

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Thanks for stopping by love you all!

XOXO Jenessa






Outfit details below!

Cardigan: Windsor Mine (sold out) similar/loving

Necklace: Windsor Mine /loving/wishing

Sweater: Nordstrom Mine (old) Similar/loving

Pants: Forever21 Mine Only $8 (ripped holes myself) loving /wishing

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