Leopard, Love, And Lipstick



photo 1


One of my hobbies is messing around with make-up and just having fun with it, I love artsy lip!s My finger nails inspired this look.  This could be such a fun make up tutorial to do for Halloween! Thinking ahead a little I know but I love it and it is so easy to do! Let me know if I should do a tutorial on this one!

1. Lipstick color of choice

2. Spot color of choice, using eyeshadow I dipped a Q-tip in it and twisted a colored dot on my lip

3. black liquid eye-liner draw uneven half circles around the dot and add a couple small black dots around the colored dots

ALL DONE so easy hope you try it out if you do post it on instagram and tag me by using #jnesssheffbeauty I’d love to see your work!

XOXO Jenessa

Lipstick: YSL via Nordstrom

Gold eye shadow: M.A.C.

Liquid black eyeliner: sephora

Leopard nail stick on: sephora

Red nail polish: NARS via Nordstrom

Quote of the day: “When you seek beauty in all people and all things you will not only find it you will become it.”

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