There’s a chill in the air


Sometimes things get wild.


Hey guys happy Monday hope you all had a fab weekend! The weather in Utah is so up and down these days.  It has been beautiful outside but still a bit chilly so the layered sweater was perfect, my husband tells me I look like I am a cozy teddy bear when I wear this sweater he loves cozying up to me all the more, haha. Anyways, I added the light wash jeans to bring out the white-collar and the bright red lips and matching hand bag for the Spring season.  So if you are in the same dilemma as I am, as far as weather, just remember light wash jeans and bright colors!  Have a great week.



BLACK FAUX FUR SWEATER: Nordstrom, similar

LIGHT WASH JEANS: 7 For all man kind


CHAIN NECKLACE: Charlotte Russe, similar

RED LIP-STICK: NYX only 4 bucks!

RED LEATHER PURSE: similar fringe version 

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Pretty is what you are. Beauty is what you do with it.”

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