Lady in Leather


“The world has enough women who are tough; we need women who are tender.  There are enough women who are coarse; we need women who are kind.  There are enough women who are rude; we need women who are refined.  We have enough women of fame and fortune; we need more women of faith.  We have enough greed; we need more goodness.  We have enough vanity; we need more virtue.  We have enough popularity; we need more purity.” – Margaret Dyreng Naduald

Hey guys,

I’m really excited about this post! I’ve been really drawn to tweed jackets, especially ones with shoulders pads, silly I know.  But they give off a very sophisticated lady like look, I paired it with leather boot stilettos and leather leggings to make it cool and chic.  I’ve also been really into vintage hairstyles so I’ve created this curled hairstyle to go along with my feminine lady look.  I love presenting my self like a lady and this style really did it for me. There is nothing more beautiful then a strong, kind, confident women.  Anyways long tangent, let me know if I should do a tutorial on this hairstyle.










TWEED JACKET: Nordstrom out of stock (similar)


LEATHER LEGGINGS: Cotton on (similar)

LEATHER STILETTO BOOTS: Windsor out of stock (similar)

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