Get A Head To Toe Outfit For Under $60, Accessories Included!

photo 3-5 Hey guys, My post is dedicated to those days when you are dying for a new outfit but do not want to break the bank.  I was able to get this entire outfit for under sixty dollars including the boots, purse, and jewelry! And what makes this even better is I got it all from one store. Can you believe it? A one stop shop for a stunning outfit and your wallet is still full.  I could not  believe the great items I found at the price they were at. I know the anticipation is killing you and you want to know where this mystery shop is, well it is probably at your local shopping mall and the store is called….. Charlotte Russe! You may be surprised because this is a well known shop and I think sometimes overlooked but they always have the best deals on shoes and jewelry and they always have a sale rack.  I love this store because it is not expensive and I always find quality items, like for example this leather jacket.  I saw this same jacket somewhere else for ten times the price, I am not exaggerating.  I got this leather Jacket for for $12!  Sometimes it’s nice to get a few quality items at bargain of a price. Next time you’re out an about stop by the Charlotte Russe and see what you find! XOXO, JENESSA

photo 1


photo 4 photo 3 photo 2


photo 1-6

photo 1-4


photo 2-1

photo 3

photo 5

It was a rainy and VERY windy day, please excuse the hair haha

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Intelligence is beauty.” 

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