” 10 Items I’m Loving Now.” Spelt Out In Acronyms, Happy Valentines!

As you all know by now February is my favorite month not just because it is my birthday month but because it is the month of love, love is such a beautiful thing!  To go along with this theme of love I thought I would put together a top ten list of items I am loving right now.  These items will consist of fashion and beauty products that are must haves, I have enjoyed each and everyone of these trendy items.  Also, going along with the love theme I have based my items around a phrase I am spelling out with acronyms!  Hope you have fun cracking my code and feeling inspired by the items I love!

XOXO, Jenessa.

1. LIPSTICK: I am loving the rich lipstick colors this season. My favorite is ‘Mineralize’ by M.A.C.

is for LIFETIME. Love is a commitment it’s an unbreakable word  nothing can separate the bonds of love.

2. OAKLEY SUNGLASSES: These Frogskin matte sunglasses are so cute and they are perfect when you are on slopes!

O is for OPPORTUNITY. Love is an opportunity one should never let pass you by.  Love is hard to come by but when it does, and it will, snatch it with both hands and never let go.

3. VALENTINO HIGH HEELS:  These Valentino Rockstud Patent leather sandals are so chic and will make your simplest outfit become a statement maker.

V is for VALUE.  Our body is full of functionality but nothing is more valuable than our heart not only is it the organ that keeps us alive but it is the only organ that links us to love. We need to treat love the way we treat our hearts. Let us remember to always nurture our loving relationships. 

4. EARRINGS: This accessory has been my go to for accenting my outfits.  They are such a fun way to add a little pzazz to your style. These Kate Spade Flo Pink square cut crystal studs are perfect for Valentines Day.

E is for EXTRAORDINARY. When somebody loves you the word that comes to mind is extraordinary, love makes you feel special and unique and that to me is extraordinary. 

5. YELLOW CLUTCH:   Mustard yellow is one of my favorite accent colors and this Tory Burch Adalyn Clutch is so classy.

Y is for YOUTHFUL. Love does something to you, it causes you to forget worries and focus on enjoying the moment.  Much like you did as a young child.

6. OPI NAIL-POLISH: I love painting my nails but there is nothing more frustrating then when it chips off two days later. I can promise you that you will not have this problem with OPI products.  It is quality stuff, my favorite color right now is ‘Extravaganza’ its lovely shade of pink and sparkles makes it ultra feminine.

is for OPAL. Opal is a beautiful gemstone that is found in a variety of colors but most importantly it is transparent. When in love it is important to not guard yourself, one must allow yourself to be vulnerable.  Share your feelings honestly and let love do the rest.

7. URBAN OUTFITTERS: This shop is so unique and I always leave feeling inspired. A favorite top of mine is the pins and needles lace collar long sleeve shirt.

U is for UNITY. Love should be defined by unity, it takes two to make love work. Love causes two people to become one.

8. A-LINE SKIRT: I love a classy 1950’s vintage look and these A-line skirts take me back in time.  I love a longer length that is a little fitted, a favorite is by classiques entier ottoman weave A-line skirt.

A is for ANNIVERSARY. Love is so important that not only have we dedicated a month to it but it is tradition for a couple to celebrate their marriage each year to help strengthen their loving bond throughout the decades.

9. LEATHER: I have been slightly obsessed with leather, it is the trendiest item this season. There is nothing more sleek then a bomb leather jacket, especially a colored one. This Neiman Marcus notched trapunto leather moto jacket is to die for, this berry color is absolutely gorgeous!

L is for LOYALTY. To be in love is complete and utter loyalty, I am not just talking about physically but I mean always have your partner’s back. Stand by his/her side and be there for them whenever they need you.

10. LEGGINGS: Leggings are one of my favorite articles of clothing to layer with not to mention how comfy they are! My favorite leggings are those with color or texture like these perfect Helmut Lang Armor white leggings. Super cute and they add a little oomph to your style.

is for LONGEVITYLove is one worth enduring for, love can last forever if you will let it.

photo 2-5photo 1-3


I hope by the end of this I have not only inspired your inner fashionista but have inspired you on the true meaning of love and the importance it has on this beautiful earth. LOVE YOU ALL! Have a fabulous Valentines Day and don’t forget to spread the love. Comment below if you have cracked my code 😉


QUOTE OF THE DAY: “If you love someone, tell him or her.  Forget about the rules or the fear of looking ridiculous.  What is truly ridiculous is passing up on an opportunity to tell someone that your heart is invested in him or her.”

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