DIY make your LIPSTICK 10 shades DARKER!

How to make your lipstick shade ten times darker! Is your lipstick color not quite the right shade? NO PROBLEM, you can learn how to fix that right here without having to buy yet another lipstick.  The hottest trend this season is bold dark lipstick colors like dark red wine, eggplant purple, and dark mocha.  Pairing the right lipstick color with your outfit can really be the cherry on top of a perfect outfit.  So don’t let your limited selection of lipstick get in the way of adding the finishing touches to your style, get creative use eyeliners and eye-shadows to create the perfect shade.  This tutorial is so simple and super quick.

1. Nude out your lips using your liquid primer/concealer/foundation it doesn’t really matter just make your lips a clean a slate.

2. Use black eye-liner to line your lips and fill in the outer parts of your mouth, keeping it darker near your corners of the mouth, this will highlight the center of your lips making them look fuller.

3. Apply your lipstick of choice blending the liner and lipstick together. FINISHED See super easy!


LIPSTICK: Rosebud by Victoria Secret

PRIMER: Bobbi Brown

EYE-LINER: Black by Cover Girl

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