How to lightly dress up your eyes: Lavender smokey eyes

photo 3-1

Hello my friends,

Today’s post is focused on those days where you feel torn between looking like a drag queen and looking like a natural sun-kissed gypsy.  Big decisions how will you ever decide how to do your make-up? Ha I am totally kidding when it comes to make-up there are varying degrees of how much you can put on, thank goodness we don’t just have to choose between the above two extremes.  I love this lavender look because it is not too much to wear during the day yet it is a little bit more for those above average days.  Sometimes a girl just needs to dress her eyes up and mascara isn’t going to cut it. I use lavender because it brings out my blue eyes and is a light enough tone that it is not a huge contrast next to my fair skin.  Play around with your colors see which ones blend in with your skin tones but still do enough to high-light your eye color.  Gold’s and purples are typical for blue-eyed girls, whereas pinks and browns are great for green eyed girls. I also love gold and a light charcoal black for brown eyed girls. 

STEP ONE: brush some of your loose facial powder over your entire lid

STEP TWO: dip your brush into your eye-shadow and start at the outer crease of your eye working towards the inner crease of your eye in a buffering motion.  There is no need to use a lot, by using the buffering motion you can drag a lot of the eye-shadow through out your crease.  This way the the outer part of your eye is the darkest.

STEP THREE: lightly stroke your brush from the outer crease down onto your outer eye lid,  this will drag the excess eye-shadow onto your eye lid; slightly blending it all together.

STEP FOUR: finish off with eyeliner and mascara!

Hope you try this out let me know what colors you have found that best bring out your eye color.



photo 4


photo 2-2


EYE-SHADOW: Lancome- drama pallet #4


CHAMBRAY: cotton-on

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