A step by step hair tutorial on how I bleach and tone my Hair Ash Blonde


Hello All!

Many have asked how I get my hair so blonde, so I thought I would provide a step by step tutorial for you to follow.  So if you are dying to get some Gwen Stefani Blonde locks than dye your hair with me!  I have dirty blonde hair naturally so I have a little bit of blonde like most girls and I started highlighting it. Well that wasn’t enough for me plus it took way to long putting the foils in so one day I just decided to paint the bleach straight on my roots.  Now my hair is very coarse and thick so it can handle that extreme way of bleaching, if your hair is similar to mine then it should be fine to do it this way as well.  If you were blessed with finer softer hair then I would work up to this step by weaving in thick pieces of blonde before your bleach all of it, that way you wont completely fry your hair.  I use bleach with 40 volume and after I have touched up all of my roots I let the bleach sit for an additional 40 minutes then I wash it out using Purple shampoo and conditioner.  Then while it is still wet I put in my toner I use a T18 light ash blonde toner, the hair swatch looks dark gray put it clearly does not turn my hair gray so don’t let the hair swatches fool you.  After that I wash it out again using purple shampoo and conditioner. Then, Presto! It’s finished! Easy peasy. Below I have a link that will direct you to my tutorial on Youtube, I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions please don’t hesitiate to ask, I’d love to help!



11 thoughts on “A step by step hair tutorial on how I bleach and tone my Hair Ash Blonde

  1. Hi Jenessa! I just watched you diy video on bleaching hair, but you’re only doing your roots, right? I’m a first time bleacher and was wondering how different the steps would be for me…?? I bought all the stuff at Sally’s yesterday, but am terrified to try this 😦 Also, I did a cheap box of burgundy about 4 weeks ago (which faded rapidly) and am not sure if bleaching is a good idea over that?? Please help me! And thanks for your great video!


    1. Hi Claudia thanks for stopping by! First thing take a deep breath haha I’ll help you through it. So I have had red hair before too and it is a pain to get out, do to this the bleaching process is going to take a little longer but be patient it is worth the wait. I would start by doing thick high lights with foils to lighten your hair, this way you can work up to painting on the bleach. You could jump right to painting it on but I wouldn’t recommend it because you could totally fry your hair. Now depending on whether or not your hair pulls warm tones or cool tones will determine how long you should leave the bleach on and what volume to use. Since I prefer cool tones and my hair pulls warm, I have to use forty volume and leave the bleach on for a long time, about an hour, that length of time is pretty rare so constantly watch your hair as the product develops to get a feel for what your hair can handle. If you have thin fine hair you have to be REALLY careful because bleach will ruin it real fast. I know this is a lot of info but I want to make sure you are happy with your results. You will probably have to do thick high lights three times before you can start painting the bleach directly on for a full head of blonde and I wouldn’t use the toner until you are completely blonde. It is a process but it can be done with patience. I hope that helps, if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask, I want you to love your hair! XO Jenessa

    2. you should always start at the nape…the back bottom of your head. if you overlap the bleach it can do so much damage to the hair, to the point that it will break. Becarefull,,,, first time bleaching is a totally different process…..

  2. I have to say that your little bun idea is pure GENIUS! I have a chin length bob that was dyed black about seven months ago and was trying to figure out how to organize my thick ass hair for this project and never once thought of putting tiny buns everywhere. I think this is something I can actually successfully do now! I’m wondering if you would recommend a color stripper first or just the bleach? My hair is obscenely thick and coarse so I’m not worried about the damage. Nothing a little (or a lot) of Coconut Oil can’t fix. Also had no idea that toner is applied on wet hair. I’ll be stopping by your blog frequently for more tips from now on. Thanks 🙂

  3. Hey Jenessa! Loved your video, just did my hair myself and it turned out pretty good! And good news, I didn’t go bald! Haha!
    I do however have a question, how do I do an all over blonde? All I got was basically my roots touched up. But I’d also like the rest of my hair blonde. Please help! I also am following you on Instagram! My name on there is Naomiihale

    1. Naomi hi!

      I am so glad it turned out, I am happy to help in anyway that I can. So if you want to be all over blonde, just follow same steps as if you are doing your roots just add the bleach to the whole hair strip. I only recommend that if you are already blonde, if you are brown, black, red, etc. I would start out by doing foils and weaving the blonde through your hair that way you do not completely fry your hair. When going blonde it is important to be patient, each blonde is unique and it could take some time to get that all over blonde look. As always use a toner when you are finished bleaching your hair so that you can manipulate what shade of blonde you want your hair to take. Hope this helps, if not feel free to ask more questions!

      XOXO Jenessa

  4. I just had my hairstylist do my hair ash blonde, however she put some foils after I asked her not to and left my roots brassy with some brassy streaks. Help! I have done my hair bleach blonde before myself but never came out brassy, how do I get rid of it? Thank you

    1. Jenn Hey!
      Okay this is going to be tricky, if it was just the brassy issue I would say no problem just get purple shampoo and scrub your roots. Leaving the shampoo on about 5 minutes, the purple shampoo gets rid of that annoying brass. However, if some of your hair pulled gray the purple shampoo will only enhance that gray turning it more violet, kind of a problem. Sooo personally I would try the purple shampoo first, BUT ONLY WASH YOUR ROOTS. Try getting your hair wet and then paint the purple shampoo on your roots like you would if you were doing a root touch up with bleach then washout (you can get purple shampoo at any beauty store, I get mine at sally’s). If it is still brassy (it shouldn’t but if it is) get a toner (I use T18 color charm the hair swatch looks gray but turns out fabulous) and paint that on your wet hair, again only on your roots because it will enhance gray parts of your hair. If you are STILL unhappy with the outcome you might just have to bleach the roots again and tone the roots once more. It seems to me that your hairdresser did not leave the bleach on your roots long enough, obviously your roots are darker than the other parts of your hair so what I do to ensure an even bleach is I do all my roots first so that my roots sit with the bleach while I do the rest of my hair that way the darkest parts of my hair get fully turned and I don’t fry the rest of my hair. Sorry I know that was a lot if something doesn’t make sense let me know.
      – Best! Jenessa!

      1. Thank you for replying. I think Im going to wait and bleach my roots and retone it all myself. Thanks again for the advice. I look forward to more beauty posts from you. Keep beautifying!! 🙂 Jenn

  5. Love the tutorial!
    So… my hair is super blonde but I didnt use bleach, it was some other extreme blonde box dye (which turned orange) and then alot of Paul Mitchell Titanium toner. So now my dark dirty blonde roots are coming in… My hair is fine and thin, but my hair is very processed and never have troubles. Do you suggest using same products as you did and only doing roots? Or whole head? Any suggestions would be great… want to get rid of these ugly roots!

  6. You said your toner is T18 color charm.. Is that wella?? I didn’t listen to the audi because I’m working lol. I’ve bleached my hair fully and now I’m ready to do my roots. My hair isn’t the exact shade I want it. Its more yellow than ash. Would you suggest bleaching it all again and using the toner you use, or only bleaching my roots? No toner? What would you suggest?

    1. yes T18 color charm wella. Try using just the toner on your roots and wash it out with purple shampoo, leave the shampoo on your roots for about 5 minutes wash it out then shampoo the roots again with purple shampoo (no need to leave it on the roots for 5 minutes again the second time, just wash it out as normal.) Make sure when you use the toner and purple shampoo you DO NOT put it on the parts of the blonde that you like. Only put it on the yellow parts. The toner and purple shampoo pull ash colored tones and get rid of yellow and brass so if you put it on your already ashy hair it may turn it purple so be very careful. If after you have done this and your roots are still yellow wait at least 48 hours then try bleaching ONLY the roots. There is no need to bleach parts of your hair that are already the desired color. wash out the bleach tone it again and wash it out with purple shampoo again. Good luck babe let me know if you have any other questions! LOVES!

  7. I have used Pravana artificial color removal, to remove level 4 color from November of 2017 my natural level is about a 7. I have used it 5 times in a 45 day period. I am very red orange probably level 7 or 8 at roots and 6 on mids to ends. I want to be a level 8 on roots and a 10 mids to ends. I have very think coarse hair. I have been using joico kpak my ends are stressed but doesn’t feel compromised, I thought about bleaching allover, then color roots with level 8? Can you please point me in right direction? Thank you!

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