Beach Waves & Florals

Hello Everyone!

So on today’s post I just want to do a recap on my California trip.  I know I briefly spoke about it in my last blog but I have the cutest swimwear that I am dying to show you all! We drove from Utah to stay at Oceanside California, I went with my husband and his family.  We stopped in Las Vegas and ate at the most amazing Mexican joint ever, Tacos El Gordo.  You must go it was so good, we got basically one of everything, it was very authentic and a great experience.  My favorite was the al pastor, its a pork pineapple taco.  You must try one of these, even if you don’t like pork or mixing fruit with your taco sounds funky please try it your taste buds will thank you! After getting to Oceanside we enjoyed the most beautiful beach house, we stepped out side our sliding glass door and were right on the beach. This was a vacation of firsts for me, it was my first time playing in the ocean waves as well as going to Disney Land it was super exciting. One experience I recommend is midnight snorkeling we did this to go lobster diving, as they are nocturnal.  WOW what an adventure, there is a completely different walk of life in the ocean at night.  I mean I played with a baby octopus, literally picked it up and let it crawl all over my arms it was so cute. I left the lobster catching up to my husband while I got lost with the Ocean life.  One last restaurant you have to try if you are ever in Oceanside by the pier is called Tin fish Tacos, now I love fish, an a fish taco is my absolute weakness.  This restaurant has the best fish tacos I have ever tasted, my favorite was the cod but they had shrimp, salmon, halibut, etc. Anything you could think of it was amazing so I hope you go try them. Well enough about the trip, my mouth is watering.

I did a little beach shoot in one of my favorite swimsuits, its a classy black one-piece, I never wear bikinis I don’t feel comfortable showing off my body I believe it is something only my husband should see. But after a while a traditional one-piece can get boring, so that is why I like this swimsuit its unique texture gives it a little more spunk.  I paired with a sporty chic look using a snap-back & a floral kimono.  Well guys its time for me to watch the bachelor so I’m outta here, Loves!



Had some Heisman fun with this one!





SWIMSUIT: Nordstrom

KIMONO: (direct site!)


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