Emerald & Leather

I think by now you guys know how much I LOVE LEATHER, any article of clothing with a of bit leather on it I must have.  It just adds a a little edge to the outfit and I love a bold look.  This dark emerald green color is to die for, it is so flattering on blondes and brunettes.  I love, for me, how it accents my light blonde hair and my light skin tone, it makes feel like I am glowing.  I paired this gorgeous sweater with some leather leggings to add to the fantastic edgy leather look.  Also, a new look for me that I absolutely adore, is a pair of cute booties with over-sized socks, this look is so chic and I am  obsessed with it!  I love this outfit because it stands out yet it is very feminine.  P.S. Side note today was my last final at Brigham Young University…. I AM COLLEGE GRADUATE!!! I couldn’t be happier my husband is graduating as well so to celebrate we are leaving this weekend for the happiest place on earth… Disney Land!  I cannot wait to relax on the beach and treat my self to a churro at DL (I hear they are the best) I haven’t been to DL since I was like four and I don’t remember a thing so this is basically my first time.  I probably won’t write anything until after Christmas so Merry Christmas everyone be safe and have a wonderful holiday season! XOXO








EMERALD SWEATER: http://www.stylesaysshop.com/ (direct link!)




BOOTIES: Forever Young Shoes

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