Sharpie Nail Art

I love pinterest and all wonderful creative ideas you get from crafty people and its even better when it actually works!  My newest find is draw on nail art. I love new nail polish ideas and I love when I can do them my self, sometimes I am not very good at manipulating a nail polish brush to do what I want so I was super stoked when I found out that you can draw your designs on your nails with a sharpie! How easy and cool is that! All you do is pick your color, draw your design, wait for it to completely dry (otherwise the top coat will smear the marker) then add a top coat and Wala! Perfect nail art every time.  I love Holiday nails so I did a dark eggplant purple nail polish and used a gold metallic sharpie to draw on a feather and then some funky design for the Thanksgiving spirit. It was super fun! Try it out and let me know how it goes, tag your art work on instagram and tag me so I can see your inner nail Picaso!




Doesn’t that look awesome!?!

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