Dresses and beanies

I love fall weather!  The outfits that come with Autumn are all so creative and unique because of all the layers! It is also so fun to finally pull out all those items that have been stored away for the sunny seasons like; beanies, scarves, cute gloves and mittens, etc.  I love mixing chic with edgy, so a cute Summer dress with a bold colored beanie and some sweater tights (I am OBSESSED with textured tights) definitely rock the Autumn wardrobe. I also love the deep earth tone colors that come with Fall; I am always so tempted to wear them during the Spring and Summer seasons.  So needless to say I am stoked that Autumn has arrived, I love the sweet crisp smell and the crunchy leaves. Don’t you?  What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?



Look at how cute these tights are! I love that you can see the texture.

photo (1)

BEANIE:Forever 21

SLOUCHY SWEATER: Windsor store http://www.windsorstore.com/officialsite

DRESS:Windsor store (use above URL for easy access right to their website!)



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