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The film industry filled a void in my heart I didn’t know existed until I first stepped foot on set. Ever since, I have had a roaring fire fanned into brightness within my heart.

If I could pick two words to describe me they would be CARING & DEDICATION. I care tremendously about how my actions affect others. Once I accept a project I become that project and I enjoy the process. The emotional roller coasters, the creative process of developing identity and analyzing every square inch of my script are just a few things that fuel my passion.

I hope this little intro gives you an insight on how passionate I am as an actor and the devotion I will give to your project. It would be a pleasure to work with you.


Jenessa Sheffield

Jenessa SheffieldĀ 


Utah Representation

Urban Talent Management

Agent: Tina Bullen

Phone: 801.580.8402

718 North 300 West Salt Lake City, UT. 84103




Direct Contact

Jenessa Sheffield..

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  1. Hey! You have very interesting blog and I like it very much! A lot of colorful photos and very clever articles! Iā€™m glad to meet you in my blog too! If you like fashion or music, come! Good luck! And I hope to see you in my blog. -Vlad

    1. sure no problem, its a widget provided by an affiliate program called shopstyle. the html code doesnt work with wordpress so I had to get an independent host in order for the html code to work. šŸ™‚ hope that helps let me know if you have any other questions! xo

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