Olivia’s First Christmas Vlog

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Good Morning everyone! Today’s blog is a YouTube Vlog on our Christmas Vacation in California! I hope you enjoy celebrating with us! We traveled to California to escape Utah’s cold Winters! We soaked up the sun at the beach and lake house, visited the Holly Wood sign and went to the Lakers game for Kobe Bryant’s jersey retirement. I hope you join the family by SUBSCRIBING to my Channel! Love ya!!

Xoxo Jness

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Birthday Vlog Follow me & my family around & celebrate!

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Good Morning my lovelies!

I shared this Birthday Vlog on my YouTube Channel & realized I didn’t share it on my blog… PREGNANCY BRAIN!! Haha I am sorry, hopefully you guys are all subscribed to my YouTube and saw it around my birthday which was Feb. 11th. Aquarius season Whoot whooo! Where my other water babies at!?

I won’t give too much away in the post because I want you to watch the vlog but get ready for some wild adventures, we swam with sharks and stingrays for my birthday!! Ahhh it was so amazing!! Jord and I and his family aren’t really the gift giving type, we prefer to spend time together enjoying an experience/traveling or dinning out somewhere exquisite! So instead of gifts Jord took me to Europe as you saw in all my ┬áprevious posts and his family took me swimming with these beautiful sea creatures. It was a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy this vlog and thanks so much for watching!


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