Emerald Leather Jacket

IMG_8558-2IMG_8583-2IMG_8555IMG_8503-2IMG_8533IMG_8463IMG_8603IMG_8501IMG_8440Jacket, also love|| Pants, also love || Booties, also love|| Lipstick || Eye-shadow pallet ||

Good Morning!

How was everyone’s holiday?? it feels crazy to get back into the swing of normal life! Jordan and I have been spending a lot of time with family.  Which has been super fun! Whenever we all get together our creative ideas all come together and we always end up doing something new and adventurous.  This time we went curling at the olympic oval in kearns.  It was so much fun! There is a photo of Jordan and I playing on INSTAGRAM.   Jordan’s family is Canadian so it was fun to have them in town and participate in a Canadian sport.  It is nice to start a new year I am excited for all the goals I have set and am loving getting into them.  Jordan is HUGE into goal setting. We set weekly goals, so needless to say we have figured out how to set successful goals and even better, have figured out how to make plans to achieve them.  Goal setting is so strategic I use to be so lost on how to set goals but Jord helped me figure out how to set goals that arent discouraging. I love being able to put a check mark next to the things I have accomplished and move onto the next thing.  Anywho, that was a tangent LOL Each year I choose a word or sentence to live by.  When I am feeling down or unproductive I just repeat this word(s) in my mind and it helps me stand back up, get motivated, and stare my struggle in the eye and run through it.  This years word(s) are “The closer you are to Christ the closer you will be to becoming the woman you want to be” Its fun to begin your year with a theme.  I have noticed a lot of growth and a lot more accomplished goals when I do that.  Give it a try! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

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Christmas Holiday Party Outfit

IMG_2009IMG_1985IMG_1995IMG_1972IMG_1984IMG_1989IMG_1980IMG_1971IMG_1990IMG_1969Trench Vest || Top || Skirt || Eyeshadow ||

Hello and Happy Holidays My loves!

I have two topics I want to discuss today, first is this trench vest.  Can you say HEART EYES!?! I love it, I feel so classy! This is one of Jordan’s absolute favorite outfits of mine.  It is so simple and chic I love it!  I found this VEST  on a website called SHEINSIDE I love this store.  It has such great products that are very affordable.  Who doesnt love that!?! Sometimes, shipping can take a little while so if you are shopping for gifts be sure to place your orders in advance. They have such stylish wardrobe pieces and the cutest shoes and purses! I shop here very often! Jordan likes it too because it is so much more inexpensive then other retail shops. So be sure to check out my VEST from SHEINSIDE  I know you will love it!

Second order of business, can you believe Christmas is in 9 days!?! My life is flashing before my eyes, I swear I will be 90 years old before I know it! My family celebrates Christmas by doing a 12 days of service Christmas tradition.  I love this because service is the best way for me to get into the Christmas spirit and really focus on the importance of this season.  These 12 days of service are something I look back on during the new year to come.  It reminds me how easy it is to lend a helping hand and show love and kindness to people that I come in contact with.  The Christmas Season is a great time to develop selfless habits and practice serving others.  I think it is important to serve people everyday.  I love this tradition because it sets my mind right for the new year.  What are some of your Christmas traditions?  Below is my families 12 days of service.  Again, these are just ideas that are tailored to my religious belief and things I want to work on personally, feel free to tailor these to your own ideas.  I hope to hear some awesome experiences you have had with the 12 days of Service.  Merry Christmas!


  • Write a letter or send a message to someone you haven’t contacted for a while
  • Do something for a family member without them asking you
  • Write a thank you note to someone
  • Do something nice for someone you dont know
  • Share your testimony with someone about the true meaning of Christmas
  • Attend the temple, or whatever religious practice you are apart
  • Clean your room or home without being asked
  • Write to a missionary
  • Do service in your community
  • Give someone a Book of Mormon, or whatever uplifting book you are inspired by
  • Spend the day giving specific compliments to others
  • Pray for someone with a special need
  • Cook and Clean one meal for the family
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