Blush leather jacket

Good morning family, shoes off.

Who can name that movie!?! Haha any who hello!!! Happy to be writing again today, I love blogging so much and have really enjoyed getting to know all of you through comments & social media just wanted to be sappy for a moment and tell you all how much I love ya!! So today’s outfit is one I am loving! Blush has got to be one of my absolute favorite colors to wear during the warmer months.  It is so light, fresh and feminine! I also love monochromatic looks! I feel like such a strong diva haha! I got this blush bodysuit from KJ Couture I can give you 10% off site wide using my promo code “JENESSASHEFFIELD” at check out. They have a  lot of super cute trendy clothing options and shoes! I got these trendy LACE UP FLATS from their too! So treat yourself at KJ Couture and save a little with my discount code “JENESSASHEFFIELD” Hope you are all having a lovely Summer so far, any fun plans? I’d love some inspo for something Jord and I should add to our list this Summer.  Jord just bought me a mountain bike which I am really excited about because we have a ton of biking trails close to our house that lead up to the mountains.  So it will be fun to hop on our bikes after work and go on a rides together!! Hope you are all doing well! Love you lots!! 



Jacket, similar || Top || Pants || Shoes || Lip gloss ||  


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Blanket scarf

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Good Morning everyone!!

Hope you all enjoyed your long Holiday weekend! I took the last couple days off from work for my Birthday so I had a 5 day weekend which was so nice! But this morning was brutal getting ready for work lol! So in my tutorial and last post I mentioned how I didnt know what I was doing for my birthday because Jordan was surprising me… well he really surprised me this year. First he took me up to Deer Valley to a restaurant called Fireside dining  Food experiences are J and I’s absolute favorite! What this place is, every fireplace has a different course and your food is cooked at that fire pit.  Visit the site the pictures of the food are amazing! Its a 3 course meal but each course has 3 options so really its like a 12 course meal.  J and I sat right next to the fondue fireplace, that was really cool to watch how the fire melts the cheese right on to our plates.  It was an awesome experience.  It is the perfect Winter dining experience, I guess this type of cooking is very popular in Switzerland, people from all over the world (especially Europe) come here  for the food and dining experience! If you are ever in Utah during the Winter be sure to try it!   At the end of the night J surprised with tickets to COSTA RICA!!! I am so excited!! We will be traveling with Monkey tours which is nice because we have never been to Costa Rica so we dont know what to do there lol.  But Monkey Tours got us all set up in hotels, food arrangements and different activities and they provide you with travel arrangements and a tour guide.  So all you do is show up and follow an itinerary! I am so stoked!!! I will blog all about it so you guys can come along too!! Thanks for making this Birthday a great one!!

Onto the outfit! I think everyone knows how essential the blanket scarf is! I love it because it is in style every season, you can never have too many.  Ill post some more favorites below!! Since it is starting to get a little Springy I started incorporating some of my Summer wardrobe.  Like these  TRENDY HOLE JEANS  and these BOOTIES (mine are sold out) and this LIGHT LEATHER JACKET.  I absolutely love THIS SHIRT its so great for layering (like pictured above) or worn by itself, its a great Summer shirt or when paired with a light jacket a great transition piece! These pieces are perfect for the season when it is warm during the day but in the morning and night time it is freezing!! So I refer to this outfit as my bipolar outfit lol because I am prepared for the weather no matter which direction it decides to go LOL Thanks again for all the birthday wishes!


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