Easy Hair Tutorial

Good Morning Everyone!

Today I am bringing you another video from my YouTube Channel. A Hair Tutorial! It’s super easy and adds a little something something extra! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! I’d love to have you apart of the family. Let me know in the comments if you have any video requests. On a side note, I want to start weening Olivia off of the breast but not give her a bottle. I feel like, whats the point of weening her off of my breast just to ween her off of a bottle a couple months later. So I want to go straight to sippy cup. Any suggestions on what sippy cups are good? I am still going to give her breast milk in the sippy. She is just getting so curious and playful that it is hard for her to sit and nurse through all her feedings. I feel like she is ready for the next thing. Any suggestions would be SUPER helpful. Thank you!!


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Coral shirt dress



Dress || Shoes || Bracelet || Necklace, similar || Lip Gloss || Foundation || Brows || Bronzer ||

Hello Everybody!!

So happy to be writing today!! I have been loving casual dresses, they are so comfy and perfect for Summer! I love the length and ease of this shirt dress! It is from Vintage Fringe  I am actually doing a $100 gift card giveaway on my INSTAGRAM right now, so be sure to check that out if you would like. These casual dresses are so trendy right now and I am all about that!! These ballerina flats are also super trendy I can give you 10% OFF BY USING CODE “JENESSA”  just visit KJ COUTURE and the code is good site wide! I am obsessed with these flats they are so comfy, at least 5 strangers stopped me talk about them SWEAR! haha so cute! I love that they are suede too, they also come in black which I might have to get because they add such a feminine touch to any outfit. I love that I can throw them on with a boring casual outfit and it instantly adds some spice!! Hope you all had a splendid Memorial weekend! Love you all, talk soon!!


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